This blog is more about my interests then anything but sometimes will contain some work related content. As you can probably read, English is not my first language as I moved to Sydney/Australia in 2011 from my hometown Amsterdam, Holland. My work experience started with web development, back-end and front-end but transformed into front-end when I started working in Web Analytics.

I’ve been working in Web Analytics since moving to Australia, having experience working with SaaS tools (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Ensighten, Adobe Test & Target, VWO, Optimizely, AB Tasty.. you get the idea) and raw data pipelines like Snowplow Analytics or any other in-house datacollectors.

My current daily work involves dealing with loads of click stream data collected from web app, and 3rd party sources.

When someone asks what I do and start to explain most people don’t understand. So the easiest description I can give is:

Moving collected or uncollected data into a database or Saas tool and doing analyses on all (click stream) data that is collected.

Trying to help other teams make better and informed decisions.

You can visit my LinkedIn or contact my directly via email on